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Expert General Dentistry in Pearl City

At Pearl Family Dental Care Inc, we work hard to make our patients feel welcome and taken care of. We want every visit to our office to be pleasant and reassuring for you and your family. With our personalized and comprehensive dental care services, you know you’re in good hands! Visit us for regular maintenance and cleanings, as well as special procedures. 
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Cleaning and Consultation

Our team provides routine dental care services to help our patients maintain optimal dental health over the years. Not only do these routine visits help you keep your smile shining bright, but they also allow us to find and address any issues before they become real problems for you. We’ll also provide you with all you need to know about keeping up a healthy routine at home to prevent cavities and gum disease between visits.

Composite Fillings

Until relatively recently, cavities were filled with a mixture of metals, including silver and mercury. Today, however, we are equipped with special resins that can be matched to your tooth’s color, filling your cavity and preventing further tooth decay while blending in invisibly. We do our best to help you prevent cavities in the first place, but when cavities do strike, we’ll consult with you about using composite fillings to stop decay and prevent any further problems. 

Root Canals

If dental pulp becomes diseased, it cuts off the nutrients and nerve signals that the tooth needs to be healthy. If left this way, the tooth will become infected and require extraction. With a root canal procedure, however, we can remove the pulp, clean the canal, and seal the tooth, effectively protecting and saving the tooth with minimal discomfort to the patient. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, we’ll help you determine if a root canal is a good solution for you!
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